20 August 2020
Delovoy Peterburg - The Arbitrary Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region left without consideration a claim of the bank which in January 2020 had initiated a bankruptcy process of Olga Kargina who used to hold a number of senior posts with the bank including that of non-core assets management department head. According to the bank, the defendant owes it 123.3 million rubles. Irina Serova, the head of St Petersburg regional office of Khrenov&Partners, comments on the story.
03 August 2020
Kommersant FM - Ivan Safronov, former journalist of Kommersant who is charged with state treason, has rejected a plea deal. He was asked to reveal his sources of information. According to investigators, while working for Kommersant, Safrovon passed state secrets to Czech intelligence. At the same time the FSB insists that the case is not related to Safronov’s journalistic work. Safronov believes the opposite and denies any guilt. Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, comments the new developments in Safronov’s case.
27 July 2020
Vedomosti - According to the Federal Registry of Persons with Disabilities, there are now 3.4 million working-age people with limited health abilities. As on April 1, according to the Federal Labor & Employment Service, less than 1/3 of them had jobs – only 905,894 people. During the pandemics, the number of disabled workers dropped by 3,614 people. Employers however have offered more positions for disabled people during the pandemics. According to HeadHunter, in May 2020 4,716 such positions were opened which is 34% more than in May 2019, and 6,433 positions were added in June (58% more compared to June 2019). Tatyana Nikolaenko, Head of Labour Law Practice with Khrenov&Partners, comments on the situation.
21 July 2020
Kommersant FM - It is proposed to fine noisy neighbors in the amounts of up to tens of thousands of rubles. A draft law has been brought before the State Duma, and the deputies will discuss it during the autumn session. According to Anatoly Vyborny, one of the authors of the law and the member of the State Duma Security Committee, the specific sanctions will be discussed when the document passes the second reading. The deputies plan to make this law a federal legislation. And the owners of the apartments will be held responsible for noisy tenants. Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, delivered his comments about the proposal.
13 July 2020
Kommersant FM - On July 13, Ivan Safronov will be formally charged – a former journalist of Kommersant and Vedomosti is suspected of treason. He may face 20 years in jail for passing sensitive information to Western intelligence. Mr Safronov denies all accusations, while his colleagues claim that FSB allegations are absurd and require openness in his case. What do Mr Safronov’s lawyers count on? And whether FSB will demonstrate the proofs of his guilt? Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, shares his opinion.
03 July 2020
Kommersant FM - Boris Titov will continue with his ‘London List’ not without interference by Vladimir Putin. The return of self-exiled businessmen was blocked first by pandemic and then by sudden detention of entrepreneur Dmitry Zotov. In June, Zotov voluntarily returned to Russia from Europe where he had been hiding from criminal proceedings. Despite guarantees and support provided by business ombudsman, the court sanctioned his arrest. The case was petitioned to the President. Following Mr Titov’s request, Vladimir Putin ordered the Attorney General to review the situation. Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, comments the case.
05 June 2020
The 12th Edition of The Best Lawyers™  in Russia was publicly released on June 3, 2020. As before, a significant group of legal experts from Khrenov&Partners also joined the list of most noted specialists in the sphere of law in our country.
31 May 2020

On May 29, revealed the results of its annual review of Russian litigation market that covered the most successful legal firms.

According to the review, Khrenov&Partners is listed in the Band 4 of the federal ranking among the firms with 30+ litigation cases in 2019. Our firm also joined the top 20 of companies in overall number of cases.
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