Russian Litigation Funders and Lawyers to Help Businesses in International Disputes

12 March 2021

Third-party funding of legal disputes is a popular thing in 2021. It enables claimants to cover legal fees and expenses, involve top lawyers, and receive a comprehensive review of the case in order to evaluate its prospects.

Of course, the litigation funders do not assist in every case. According to a study by Westfleet Advisors, in 2020 an average third-party funding deal amounted to $7.8 million.

Also, English litigation funders are not always ready to fund Russian disputes, even those with good winning potential. Meanwhile, it is quite common when disputes are handled by both Russian and English courts.

In early 2021, Russian litigation financing fund PLATFORMA and Khrenov&Partners legal firm joint efforts to assist clients in need of litigation funding. The companies are ready to review the disputes that do not meet the criteria set by major English litigation funders.

For instance, the minimum value of a case acceptable for further financing and assistance in litigation in Russia is set at £300,000. The lowest value for English disputes and international arbitration is £1 million.

The full article may be viewed here (in Russian)

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