Khrenov & Partners assists clients with restructuring and insolvency proceedings — inside and outside the courtroom. They offer expert knowledge of bankruptcy law as well as advising on practical issues from risk confinement and contingency planning, to providing support to move forward with reorganization and financial recovery.

Our Restructuring Practice Group provides the following legal services:

  • analyzing a company’s or business enterprise’s existing debt obligations and in certain cases, its legal status quo;
  • determining and tailoring for each unique and individual situation the most favourable and appropriate approach for restructuring a company, a business or its outstanding liabilities;
  • devising restructuring techniques and contingency plans to emerge from the financial crisis, including financial models to shift liability and to reorganize debts or assets;
  • developing a corporate work out to preserve and protect the interests and assets of a client within the framework of a company’s reorganization, as well as debt rescheduling vis a vis third parties;
  • developing structures for a company’s complete reorganization and to maximize corporate recovery;
  • ongoing legal support for enacting a restructuring and corporate recovery process;
  • providing legal counseling and managing debt and financial obligations of financially distressed companies within the framework of restructuring;
  • managing secondary assets in order to remove any negative impact on a company’s overall financial situation;
  • assisting in a company’s corporate restructuring to optimize a company’s corporate structure and to cap potential expenditures;
  • preparing for and beginning insolvency and/or bankruptcy proceedings in the client’s interests where re-establishing normal operations due to a company’s prevailing financial situation is not an option; providing legal guidance and support to a client at each stage of bankruptcy proceedings