Who generously covers the paternity leaves for fathers in Russia?

21 November 2019

In September 2019, the Russian division of Procter & Gamble (P&G) introduced a new policy fоr new fathers employed by the company. It allows for one week paid leave for a new father in case of child’s birth or adoption, and three more weeks paid leave within next 18 months, with an additional leave paid for the same way as regular annual leave. Tatyana Nikolayenko, Head of Labour Law Practice, Khrenov & Partners, commented on the current situation with paternity leaves in Russia.

It is very seldom in Russia when the companies provide new parents with some extra benefits for their budget in addition to the minimum guaranteed by law, and very few employers offer 1 to 5 days paid leave to a father after a child is born, Tatyana Nikolayenko explained. It is more common that a company is ready to grant unpaid leave to a father.

According to Tatyana Nikolayenko, technically it is not against the law for the employers to grant leaves to the second parent, but they must do it at their own expense, and not at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.

The full article can be read here (in Russian, paid access).

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