The Telegraph did not sue

08 December 2017

The Kuibyshev district court of St.-Petersburg on October 24 approved a settlement agreement between LLC "Telegraph" and former employee of the company, Anton Rosenberg. According to Anton, it fulfilled all his requirements. The company also undertook to withdraw the counter-claim of 100 million rubles. Telegram Scandal erupted in mid-September. Rosenberg gave publicity to a conflict with the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolay and has accused the company of illegal dismissal and put under a question the confidentiality of personal correspondence in the messenger.

Tatyana Nikolaenko, Head of Empoyment law practice at Khrenov & Partners gave her opinion on the matter.

Both parties lost in the dispute, says Head of Employment law practice Tatyana Nikolaenko. Rosenberg will get a substantial sum, but as an employee he has acquired a completely "unhealthy" reputation.

The company also demonstrated a certain degree of helplessness from the point of protecting the business from employees. Nikolaenko believes that the best option would be not to bring the conflict to the stage of public discussion.

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