The Supreme Court grants an appeal by Khrenov & Partners

21 November 2019

On November 20, 2019 the Judicial Panel for Civil Affairs of the Supreme Court of Russia granted an appeal filed by Khrenov & Partners and invalidated the Rules for Land Use and Development of Moscow in part allowing new burials at the land plot occupied by a cemetery in the village of Puchkovo.

It is the first time that the courts act in favour of inhabitants of Puchkovo, located at the Troitsky Administrative Okrug of Moscow, who for many years have been protesting against illegal expansion of the local cemetery. The problem is especially acute since the expansion of the cemetery the graves will emerge very close to children’s playground, school and residences. Let’s hope that the recent court decision becomes a key event and the inhabitants of the village, assisted by Khrenov & Partners, will be able to definitely defend their rights for a pleasant living environment.

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