The Attorney General’s Office to Look at Dmitry Zotov’s Arrest

03 July 2020

Boris Titov will continue with his ‘London List’ not without interference by Vladimir Putin. The return of self-exiled businessmen was blocked first by pandemic and then by sudden detention of entrepreneur Dmitry Zotov. In June, Zotov voluntarily returned to Russia from Europe where he had been hiding from criminal proceedings. Despite guarantees and support provided by business ombudsman, the court sanctioned his arrest. The case was petitioned to the President. Following Mr Titov’s request, Vladimir Putin ordered the Attorney General to review the situation.

At this moment, things are not stacking up in favor of business ombudsman, Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, believes. “Titov’s list’ didn’t work. Moreover, it looks like sort of scam, I don’t have another name for this. I don’t know whether this person is guilty or not, but he received guarantees that he would not be arrested after returning back to Russia. And these guarantees turned to be fakes. And I am not sure that in a week anything will change”.

The full article may be viewed here (In Russian).

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