Retail chains are introducing biometric control systems for employees

24 November 2016

Fingerprinting will allow more precise calculation of the time they have worked as opposed to using electronic passes. Tatyana Nikolaenko, head of employment law at Khrenov & Partners, gives her opinion on this new employee time monitoring system.

“The introduction of biometric control may incite resistance from employees and provoke a flood of complaints and litigations related to the hours worked”, remarked Tatyana Nikolaenko. “According to the law concerning personal data, an employer must obtain the written consent of employees for the use of biometric information”, she says. “Many allow errors to occur when drawing up the paperwork. A year ago, a large industrial company installed equipment to implement biometrics control, however the company did not have the personal consent of its staff to use fingerprints for access control. As a result, one of employees accused of absenteeism, complained to the labour inspection authority about the illegal actions of their employer whereupon the management discontinued the experiment for fear of penalties being imposed. This access control system has not been launched after all as a number of workers refused to sign that they agree to it”.

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