Ivan Safronov’s Lawyers Prepare for Closed Trial

13 July 2020

On July 13, Ivan Safromov will be formally charged – a former journalist of Kommersant and Vedomosti is suspected of treason. He may face 20 years in jail for passing sensitive information to Western intelligence. Mr Safronov denies all accusations, while his colleagues claim that FSB allegations are absurd and require openness in his case. What do Mr Safronov’s lawyers count on? And whether FSB will demonstrate the proofs of his guilt?

Another important issue is whether the hearing may be open at all. The case involves treason, and the prosecution does not generally disclose any details under this provision. Even the previous hearing on the choice of preventive measures was held in closed session.

This will probably further displease Mr Safronov’s colleagues as well as everyone as well as all those calling for an open trial. But the louder the voices of protest will sound, the firmer the prosecutors will stand their ground. Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov & Partners, believes. ‘Very often, the authorities take a certain position and follow it firmly. This situation is quite the same. Due to the fact that the case attracted a lot of public attention, including the media, the process will be deliberately made as closed as possible without revealing any information about the charges and any facts. And they are not likely to back down here’.

The full article may be viewed here (in Russian).

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