Family ties between employees can be used for the benefit of the company

24 November 2016

46% of Russians are obliged to work in the same company as their close relatives according to the results of a survey of 8,600 people conducted in October by HeadHunter Company. This is most commonly experienced by top-managers (60%) and workers (60%). According to the survey, 30% of Russians do not see anything wrong in working for the same company as their relatives. However, the majority – 50% of participants in the survey, stated that they try to avoid being in such a situation.

Tatyana Nikolaenko, head of employment law with Khrenov & Partners, provides her insights to the survey results.

“Family ties are usually detected when a person applies for a job: a potential employee has to disclose names of close relatives when filling out an application form. This rule is subjective and is never divulged when a candidate’s application is rejected”, explains Tatyana Nikolaenko. If a person conceals family ties, their name may be added to a list of disloyal employees – candidates who are subject to dismissal” according to Tatyana.

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